Health Alert – Estonia (May 8)

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Tallinn, Estonia (May 8, 2020)

Location: Estonia

Event: Due to Estonia’s improving COVID-19 situation, the Estonian Government has approved a gradual lifting of emergency restrictions as follows.  In all cases, the “2+2” social distancing requirement remains in place.

– Outdoor exercise areas may reopen if they are disinfected at least every four hours. The City of Tallinn will progressively reopen outdoor gyms and playgrounds within city limits starting on May 11 after thorough cleanings.

–  May 10: public church and religious services may resume.

–  May 11: shopping centers may reopen stores, service points, catering establishments, and restaurants. Leisure activities (including indoor playcenters, cinemas, and bowling alleys) will remain closed for the time being.

–  May 11: indoor museums and exhibits may reopen for individuals and groups up to 10 visitors.

–  May 15: Schools and educational institutions can resume in-person learning for up to 10 students per contact group. Tallinn public schools will limit contact groups to a maximum of five students.


Travel out of Estonia remains restricted, however the following changes are anticipated in the following weeks:

–  Passenger ferry service from Tallinn to Helsinki will resume on May 14 for workers with contracts in Finland.

–  Some airlines are beginning to announce plans to resume flights in the near future.

–  The prime ministers of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania announced a plan to reopen the borders of the three Baltic states with no required quarantine beginning May 15. More details coming shortly.


The U.S. Embassy will continue to update our website with new information.  Please contact with any questions.

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