U.S. and Estonian Forces to Train, Strengthen Partnerships Through Airborne Operations

November 12, 2021

Estonian Defense Forces, the Estonian Defense League, U.S. Special Operations Forces, and regional counterparts will be conducting multinational airborne and aerial resupply exercises in Estonia, November 13-14, 2021.

Airborne operations are the ability to airdrop personnel and equipment for time-sensitive operations that would be otherwise difficult to access or accomplish using ground maneuvers or dismounted movement. These operations allow for rapid deployment of forces and equipment to secure strategic locations until other forces can establish position in the region.

The intent of training exercises like this one is to build interoperability and positive relations between nations while training on nonstandard resupply methods. Joint trainings such as this aid NATO members in strengthening partnerships while refining specific skills.

Across the continent, Special Operations Command Europe is uniquely postured to galvanize the relationship with Allies and partners to counter malign influence, build interoperability, and rapidly respond to emerging threats. This assures Allies and partners of U.S. commitments to bilateral and NATO obligations alike.

Defense cooperation is a key component of the U.S.-Estonia relationship. The United States has provided more than $240 million in security assistance to Estonia since 2015 and conducts regular exercises and military-to-military engagements with the Estonian Defense Forces to bolster readiness and interoperability.