America Month at the Tallinn Botanical Garden


Welcome to America Month at the Tallinn Botanic Garden!

Throughout the month of July, the Embassy of the United States in Estonia is proud to partner with the Tallinn Botanic Garden as part of their “Embassy of the Plant Kingdom in Estonia” project. During this project, the Tallinn Botanical Garden will highlight its unique plants and habitats from all over the world — from deserts and hot tropical forests to tundra, taiga, and highlands.

During America Month, we are hosting the Smithsonian Gardens exhibition Pollination Investigation. This exhibit, first developed by Supervisory Horticulturist James Gagliardi for the Pollinator Garden at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., highlights the importance of plants and pollinators. From protecting global food security to conserving biodiversity, pollination is vital for a strong and healthy ecosystem.

As we highlight the diverse landscapes and plant life of Estonia and the United States, we are proud to be a part of the global effort to promote pollinator health, which helps to ensure healthy ecosystems and a diverse food supply from fruits and vegetables to chocolate and nuts.

While you’re at the Tallinn Botanic Garden this month, we also invite you to visit our StoryWalk®, the perfect way for families to enjoy nature and a picture book at the same time. Just follow the numbered signs to see our featured story, Harlem Grown, unfold page by page. Written by Tony Hillery and colorfully illustrated by Jessie Hartland, it tells the true tale about how one garden transformed a New York City neighborhood.

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