Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial FAQ

An excellent source for business information is the Council of American States in Europe (CASE). However, if the information provided by CASE does not suffice; please contact State Secretary websites of individual state:


The American Chamber of Commerce offices provide a list of American companies registered with AmCham on their website.

•  American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia

The easiest way to locate agricultural information is to contact the local US Embassy, agricultural section. They will provide you with information on topics such as grains, produce, seafood, lumber, etc.

Agriculture Counselor
U.S. Embassy Warsaw
Al. Ujazdowskie 29/31
00-540 Warsaw
Tel: +48/22 504-2336
Fax: +48/22 504-2320


Most states do have some form of international representation, although not in every European nation.

The Council of American States in Europe (CASE) provides information upon individual and gives contact information as to where to reach that state’s representatives in Europe.


The CIA World Factbook is a good source for general information about the United States . The United States Information Agency has also provided an extensive website on the U.S. economy and different business practices. In-depths statistics you can find at the US Census Bureau.