American Space in Narva

The American Space in Narva was established on March 24, 2004 as a partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Estonia and Narva Central Library. Narva located in the north-east of Estonia and the Narva American Space was post’s first space and is now the only priority space.

The main aim of the Space is to introduce U.S. culture, economy, literature and history to Narva and Ida-Viru County readers and visitors. The American Space in Narva is an essential part in Tallinn’s strategy to increase visibility in the primarily Russian-speaking border city of Narva (94%).

The American Space provides readers a wide range of educational literature including encyclopedias, English language teaching literature, American fiction, history, geography art and music books, CDs and DVDs. The American Space hosts various events for the public. In April 2015, a co-located makerspace in the library was opened.

Embassy Tallinn re-opened the newly renovated American Space in Narva on September 27, 2017, highlighting ongoing engagement in this strategic region on the EU and NATO border. The bright, modern American Space offers an inviting location for English Lessons, speaker programs, lectures, exhibitions, seminars and film screenings.

Now, instead of a corner on the 4th floor with traditional bookshelves, the space features four newly renovated rooms on the first floor, including the makerspace and a conference room, which will offer a strong and positive impression of the United States to Narva’s residents.

American Space
Narva Central Library
Malmi 8
20308 Narva
AC Coordinator: Jekaterina Moisejeva
Phone: +372-567-22007
Web site: