Small Grants Program

The Embassy administers a Small Grants Program which provides support for diverse projects promoting U.S. culture and values. Proposals are reviewed and evaluated on an ongoing basis and approved providing there are funds available.

The Embassy is looking for unique and creative proposals from a wide variety of non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and individuals.

Projects that address the following three topic areas are encouraged:

  1. European and Transatlantic Security
  2. Economic Engagement, Innovation, and Investment
  3. Western Values and Democratic Principles

To propose a project, please fill out and e-mail the preliminary (right-hand menu) to for the Grants Panel’s consideration.

After your project has been accepted for funding, please fill out the Application for Federal Assistance SF-424 form for organizations (right-hand menu) and e-mail to




The System for Award Management (SAM) is an official, free, U.S. government-operated website. It is free to register and maintain your entity registration record in SAM, and it is free to get help for this website.

Unfortunately, malicious actors are actively contacting institutions registered in to offer their services for a fee. The scammers behind these fraudulent emails and letters pose as the U.S. government in an attempt to extract payment from registered entities. Common scenarios include unfinished application, status renewal, or status change.

While entities may receive an e-mail from U.S government reminding them of the status renewal, the correspondence will never ask for any payment.

In case you or your organization receive a suspicious e-mail, please share this immediately with your contacts at the U.S. Embassy, or forward the letter to  Thank you.