Studying in Estonia

Studying abroad can be a wonderful experience. Estonia offers a number of opportunities for
education in English at the primary through post-graduate levels. The links below are provided
solely to inform international students and American citizens living in Estonia about the country’s
education system and available educational opportunities.

Overview of the Estonian Education System

Education Nation: About Education System

Though intended as a platform for the global marketing and export of Estonian education, this joint effort by Estonia’s Ministry of Education and Research and Education and Youth Authority provides a brief, accurate overview of the Estonian education system.

Eurydice Network: Estonia Overview

From the European Commission’s Education and Youth Policy Analysis Unit in the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), The Eurydice Network provides a comprehensive look at Estonia’s education system.


Information by Level

Pre-School Education

Pre-school Education in Estonia
From Estonia’s Ministry of Education and Research, this page provides an overview of pre-school education in the country and links to the national curriculum for pre-school institutions.

Basic Education
Basic Education in Estonia
From Estonia’s Ministry of Education and Research, this page provides an overview of basic education (generally, grades 1-9) in the country and links to the national curriculum for basic schools.

Secondary Education

Secondary Education in Estonia

This page from the Ministry of Education and Research explains secondary education in Estonia, particularly the difference between general secondary education and vocational secondary education.

Post-Secondary Education

Study in Estonia

This website from the Education and Youth Authority serves as the official national guide to higher education in Estonia. It provides information on Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs as well as scholarships, admission procedures, and student visas.

Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Education

Euraxess Estonia

Backed by the European Union, member states and associated countries, EURAXESS is a Europe-wide initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers. The portal for Estonia links to the database of current research jobs and funding opportunities throughout the country and provides information about living and working in Estonia.


There are numerous educational institutions in Estonia that offer programs in English. For up-to-date listings of these institutions, please visit the links below.


PreK-12 International Schools
International General Education in Estonia

From Estonia’s Ministry of Education and Research, this page provides an overview of international general education within Estonia as well as a list of current international schools offering programs in the English language.



Universities in Estonia

Study in Estonia, a website from the Education and Youth Authority, has a handy list of Estonian universities with programs taught in English.


All English-Language Educational Institutions
All Study Options in Estonia

Education Nation, a joint effort by Estonia’s Ministry of Education and Research and Education and Youth Authority, provides a comprehensive list of educational institutions with English as the primary language of instruction.