Studying in Estonia

Studying abroad can be a wonderful experience, and Estonia offers a number of opportunities for education in English at all levels from primary through post-graduate. The links and contact information below are provided solely to inform American citizens of educational opportunities in Estonia for international students and American citizens living in Estonia. This is not an endorsement of the institutions and programs listed. The Embassy does not recommend particular schools or send representatives to visit them. For additional information on any of the educational institutions listed below, please contact the schools directly.

Information in English about:

  • Education system in Estonia
  • Higher Education system in Estonia
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Research and Development institutions, strategy, and funding at the Euraxess Estonia.

International School of Estonia
(grades pre-K through 12)
Juhkentali 18, Tallinn 10132, Estonia
Phone: +372 666 43 80 Fax: +372 666 43 83

The International School of Estonia provides a caring, stimulating and challenging educational program for students from Preschool three through Grade 12. The International School of Estonia is a fully authorized IBO World School. ISE is accredited by the Council of International Schools and New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

The Estonian higher education system consists of universities (ülikool) and applied higher education institutions (rakenduskõrgkool). Since 1999, some post-secondary vocational schools can to offer vocational higher education.  The Ministry of Education and Research is responsible for the administration of higher education institutions and their study programs. Private higher education institutions or their study programmes are officially recognized after accreditation.  The usual duration of studies is three (for a bachelors degree) to five (for a masters degree) years.

There are six public universities, a few less private higher education institutions, nine accredited state institutions of applied higher education, eleven private applied higher education institutions, four state vocational education institutions and one private vocational education institution offering vocational higher education in Estonia in 2009.

The U.S. Embassy works with all public universities (Fulbright program) and also with some private institutions (speaker programs, specialist programs, visitors).  Below is information on the key institutions in Estonia.

Public Universities

Address: Tartu mnt.1, 10145 Tallinn

The Estonian Academy of Arts teaches:

  • Fine Arts – painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, interdisciplinary arts
  • Design – product design, textile art and design, fashion art and design, leather art and design, ceramics, glass art, jewelry and blacksmithing, art and cultural anthropology
  • Architecture – architecture and urban planning, interior architecture, urban studies
  • Media – graphic design, stage design, photography, interactive multimedia
  • Art History – art history, training of art teacher
  • Conservation – conservation and protection of cultural heritage

Address: Rävala pst 16, 10143 Tallinn
Theatre School: Toom-Kooli 4, 10130 Tallinn

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is a public university in Tallinn. The Drama School offers BA and MA degrees; in music BA, MA and PhD are awarded. In-service non-academic training for musicians and Estonian music teachers is also provided.

The  Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre teaches:

  • Music interpretation (Piano, Strings, Wind Instruments, Percussions, Singing, Conductiong, Organ, Jazz, Native Music)
  • Composition (Traditional and Electronic Music)
  • Music pedagogy (Instrumental Teacher and Music Education)
  • Theatre Arts
  • Arts Management

Address: Kreutzwaldi 64, 51014 Tartu

Founded in 1951, the Estonian University of Life Sciences currently has more than 4,500 students in five different departments/institutes. The mission of the Estonian University of Life Sciences is to guarantee sustainable use of natural resources and enhance rural development.

The Estonian University of Life Sciences teaches:

  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
  • Forestry and Rural Engineering
  • Economics and Social Sciences
  • Technology

Address: Narva road 25, 10120 Tallinn

Tallinn University was established in March 2005 as a result of a merger of several universities and research institutes as well as the Estonian Academic Library. At present, it has approximately 7,000 students as well as more than 400 faculty members and research fellows, on the whole being the fastest growing university in the country.

Tallinn University consists of:

  • Six faculties: Fine Arts, Educational Sciences, Physical Education, Philology, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences
  • Two academic institutes: Institute of History, Estonian Institute of Humanities
  • The Baltic Film and Media School
  • Four research institutes: Institute of Estonian Demography, Institute of Ecology, Institute of Educational Research, Institute of International and Social Studies
  • Two regional colleges in Haapsalu and Rakvere

Address: Ülikooli 18, 50090 Tartu

The first students at the University of Tartu matriculated in 1632. The opening ceremony of Academia Dorpatensis (Academia Gustaviana) took place in the same year. The oldest university of the region has a strong focus on preserving the tradition of research in Estonian language. The library of the University of Tartu hosts the Educational Advising Center (part of the “EducationUSA” network).

The University of Tartu consists of:

  • Ten faculties: Law, Theology, Medicine, Philosophy, Science and Technology, Education, Sport Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Social Sciences
  • Four Regional Colleges in Türi, Pärnu, Narva and Viljandi
  • Viljandi Culture Academy
  • Seven Institutes of Research
  • Library
  • Two Museums: History Museum and Art Museum
  • Botanical Garden

Address: Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn

Founded as an engineering college in 1918, Tallinn University of Technology acquired university status in 1936. Tallinn University of Technology has over 11,000 students and personnel of 1,750 (incl. affiliated institutions). Tallinn University of Technology hosts the Educational Advising Center (part of the “EducationUSA” network).

The Tallinn University of Technology consists of:

  • Eight faculties: Chemical and Materials Technology, Civil Engineering, Economics and Business Administration, Humanities, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Power Engineering, Science
  • Four Regional Colleges in Kuressaare, Virumaa, Tallinn and Tartu
  • Certification Center
  • Institute of Cybernetics
  • Institute of Geology

There are several private higher education institutions and important state institutions of applied higher education. Extensive information about studying in private higher education institutions as well as extensive information about other study opportunities in Estonia is available at the SmartEstonia.