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The U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia is seeking a contractor to provide GP medical physician services for the U.S. Embassy Tallinn.

GP Local Physician services include:

  1. Patient appointments at the U.S. Embassy Compound 4 h a week.
  2. Patient examinations (drivers, medical clearance, etc)
  3. Prescriptions for patients including regular prescriptions and controlled medicine prescriptions
  4. Accept duty calls on the days the Contractor is not at the Embassy compound, 2 hours per day
  5. Additional services

The Contractor shall furnish all managerial, administrative, and direct labor personnel that are necessary to accomplish the work in this contract

Prospective offerors/quoters should contact Tallinn Procurement at  for additional information.

All e-mail correspondence must have RFQ nr. 19EN1023Q0001 in subject line.

Quotations are due by March 31, 2023, at 12:00 local Estonian time.

Direct any questions regarding this solicitation in writing to .

Questions must be written in English.


Cover Letter
SF-1449Cover Page for 19EN1023Q0001
Addendum to SF-1449RFQ 19EN1023Q0001
H Question Submission Form








The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Europe District plans to solicit proposals for a design-build project for renovation of a fire station facility in Tsirguliina, Estonia.

The USACE plans to include basic design criteria in the contract solicitation, with the intent to award a single construction contract to a design-build construction contractor that will complete the 100% design and construct the project.

The GPS coordinates for the project site location are approximately: 57.864361, 26.191750.

For further information, please visit the solicitation announcement posted online at

The formal solicitation announcement contains many more details surrounding the project and instructions on how and when to submit a proposal.

Please share the weblink with any individual or company that may be qualified and interested in this work.

NOTE: Companies MUST be SAM registered to be eligible for award of any contracts for the US Government.

If you are interested in this contract opportunity, you are encouraged to:

  1. Register to attend the pre-proposal site visit on 09 December 2022 at 13:00 local time.  Interested companies will have an opportunity to view the jobsite and ask questions. Further instructions pertaining the site visit are included with the solicitation announcement, including a site visit registration form.
  2. Sign up for email alerts for updates related to this contract opportunity by selecting to “follow” it at the top right on the announcement webpage (this requires account login; if you are not SAM registered, see instructions on the pre-solicitation announcement web page).
  3. Respond to the solicitation announcement. Full instructions on how to submit a proposal are within the contract solicitation (plus amendments). Please follow the instructions carefully. Please be sure to submit your proposal no later than the time and date specified in the solicitation (plus amendments). Interested offers must submit a non-price proposal for evaluation in addition to a price proposal to be considered for contract award.

For further information, please visit the solicitation announcement posted online at


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Vendor Registration Instructions

The U.S. Government requires vendors that do business with the U.S. Government in an amount greater than $30,000 to have a real DUNS number ( and to register their company in the SAM database (System for Award Management; ).

Please follow the instructions in these help sheets in order to register your business accordingly:
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Feel free to familiarize yourself with the U.S. Government’s contracting procedures ruled by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Department of State Acquisition Regulation (DOSAR).