Opening Remarks for the GLOBE Expedition

Opening Remarks for the GLOBE Expedition.

Ambassador Melville delivering his remarks (photo by Rasmus Pitkänen).












  • Tere armas GLOBE pere!
  • I’m so excited to be with you at this important event for the GLOBE family.  This year is very special because GLOBE Estonia is celebrating its 20th anniversary.   And Estonia has the honor of being one of the first countries to join this program.
  • On June 19th 1996, my predecessor Ambassador Taylor and Education Minister Aaviksoo signed a cooperation agreement that paved the way for successful collaboration between Estonia’s GLOBE community and U.S. researchers.  Since then, Estonia has been one of the most active partners in GLOBE, and I hope you will keep up this good work!
  • Camps like this provide an excellent way to learn about science from top experts in the field.  During the next days, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of learning sessions, expeditions, and interactive games that scientists have prepared for you.  I encourage you to make the most of these sessions!  I believe that the next generation of Estonia’s top scientists can be found in this camp.
  • But GLOBE is also about relationships and friends.  During this expedition, you will have a chance to meet new friends and have fun with students from all over Estonia.
  • And I urge you to keep in mind how your activities here fit into the bigger picture.  You are part of a worldwide GLOBE community of almost 30,000 schools from 117 countries.  All of you are working to better understand and sustain the Earth’s environment.  Your work really does make a difference for our planet.
  • In the United States, the lead partner for GLOBE is NASA.  And I’m really excited to tell you that we’re going to have one of NASA’s astronauts visit Estonia next month.  He’s going to visit a few schools in the country, and unfortunately he won’t have time to make it to all of your schools.  But I’ve talked to Laura, and I’ve asked her to identify the most active GLOBE students this past year.  And we’re going to give those students an invitation to a reception at my house to meet the astronaut.  So I hope to see some of you there!
  • Finally, I just want to thank you for inviting me to participate in GLOBE Games.  And I want to extend a big thanks to all of the organizers, teachers and students who volunteer their time to contribute to the GLOBE program.
  • Congratulations – your dedication has made Estonia one of the most active GLOBE countries in the world! Now I’m looking forward see GLOBE in action. Good luck to all of you!