U.S.- Estonia Relations

  1. U.S.- Estonia Relations
  2. History of the U.S. and Estonia

The United States and Estonia are global partners and strong Allies.  The relationship between the United States and Estonia has been consistent and stable for one hundred years.

Since the United States recognized the Republic of Estonia on July 28, 1922, it has steadfastly supported Estonian independence.  Even during the illegal occupation of Estonia by the Soviet Union from 1940 to 1991, the government of the United States of America recognized the Estonian diplomatic mission as the legal representative of the Republic of Estonia.  The recognition of the legal continuity of the Republic of Estonia has been the cornerstone of Estonian-U.S. relations, and the United States has never recognized the annexation by the Soviet Union.

Since the United States reopened its Embassy in Tallinn on September 4, 1991, our relationship has focused on promoting Transatlantic security, encouraging economic growth through entrepreneurship and innovation, and the promotion of shared values including the respect for democracy, human rights, and social cohesion.

The United States-Estonia partnership is diverse and multi-faceted.  As NATO Allies, the United States and Estonia work together to strengthen Transatlantic security, support counterterrorism operations, and fortify cyber defenses.  At the United Nations and in other international fora, the United States and Estonia work to promote democratic values, protect human rights, and strengthen peace and stability around the world. Bilaterally, the United States and Estonia relationship is characterized by strong cooperation in the areas of defense and security, global development, economic prosperity, and educational and cultural exchange.

The United States is committed to strengthening its close ties with Estonia, rooted in our shared values, ideals, and interests. To learn more about the Embassy and its work, visit https://ee.usembassy.gov/embassy/tallinn/.