Plastics Pollution Exhibition at the Energy Discovery Centre

Plastics Pollution Exhibition Opening
Photo: U.S. Embassy
Ambassador Melville at the Energy Discovery Centre.

Ambassador Melville and Minister of the Environment Marko Pomerants launched an interactive exhibit on plastics pollution on March 7 at the Energy Discovery Centre.  The exhibit will raise awareness about plastics pollution, describe the impact of micro-plastics on the ocean environment, and provide examples of simple actions individuals can take at home to prevent plastic from ending up in the sea.

“We are very proud to have teamed up with such a great group of partners to bring this educational tool to Estonia. With the opening of this exhibit, together we are making a strong statement that the protection, conservation, and sustainable development of our oceans is critical,” Ambassador Melville said at the opening.

The hands-on exhibit is open to the general public and includes audio and video interactive stations, including a photo booth where visitors can post pictures on social media to share their personal pledge to reduce plastics pollution. The Energy Discovery Centre will also offer a practical educational module on biodegradables for visiting student groups.  To arrange a school visit, please contact: or 620 9023.

The exhibit is made possible through cooperation between the United States, European Union, the National Aquarium of Denmark, and NGO Plastic Change. In Estonia, local partners include the European Commission Representative Office, Ministry of Environment, Energy Discovery Centre, and U.S. Embassy Tallinn.  The exhibit, which started in Copenhagen, will be in Tallinn through April before travelling to Lisbon, Rome, and Valetta.