Press Release: New Transatlantic Business Award Program Strengthens Shared Transatlantic Prosperity

August 31, 2017

The American Chamber of Commerce Estonia (AmCham Estonia), U.S. Embassy Tallinn, and the Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) are pleased to announce the launch of a new program, dedicated to strengthening transatlantic economic ties and acknowledging outstanding and innovative achievements by Estonian-based companies and individuals in the U.S. market – Transatlantic Business Awards 2017.

This program builds upon the success of the previous awards series – Estonian American Innovation Award (2010-2015) among the winners of which are such well-known companies as ZeroTurnaround, GrabCad, Planet OS and Transferwise. “The Embassy is delighted to join the Transatlantic Business Awards partnership,” said U.S. Ambassador to Estonia James D. Melville, Jr. “Our previous collaboration with AmCham and BAFF was an effective tool to celebrate innovative partnerships between Estonian and American institutions. We look forward to building upon that success by recognizing companies and individuals that strive to strengthen our shared transatlantic economic prosperity.”

The Business Awards program will include three separate honors:

The Transatlantic Company of the Year Award is aimed at highlighting the importance of transatlantic trade and investment between the United States and Estonia, and recognizing the contributions and positive impact made by Estonian companies investing in the United States.

The Transatlantic Promoter of the Year Award will recognize an individual residing in Estonia or in the United States, who has made significant contributions to promoting entrepreneurship or transatlantic collaboration. The award will honor the individual’s accomplishments in fostering increased entrepreneurial activity, including among diverse groups, and in promoting connections with the U.S. – based entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Melissa Wells Corporate Responsibility Award recognizes companies operating in Estonia, who demonstrate ethical leadership and corporate responsibility and who make a positive difference in their communities.

Specific details for entering the competition are available on the AmCham website – at . Applications will be accepted starting September 1 and until September 31.

The members of the 2017 selection committee are:

– U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Elizabeth Horst
– BAFF Board Member Andres Trink
– AmCham Estonia Board Member Andrus Alber
– EAS Representative in Silicon Valley Andrus Viirg
– U.S. startup mentor and angel investor John Sechrest
– Estonian Embassy in the USA Economic Officer Helen Popp
– Estonian American National Council Representative

The winner of this award will be announced at the Transatlantic Business Conference 2017 organized by AmCham Estonia on November 3, 2017.

For further information contact:
Daria Sivovol
Executive Director
American Chamber of Commerce Estonia
Tel: +372-6310-522