U.S. Airmen Teach Students Football Fundamentals

Photo: U.S. EmbassyOn Friday, November 20,  ten members of the 74th “Thunder” Expeditionary Fighter Squadron (EFS) from Moody Air Force Base visited Lasnamäe Gümnaasium to play some American football and talk about the importance of sports in their life.

High school students asked a variety of questions to the airmen, starting from their work and experiences in Estonia to their hobbies and life back in the U.S.

Things got more exciting once the students and airmen took their “American football talk” to the gym.  Many of the students were unfamiliar with American football, but they learned quickly thanks to the coaching of the airmen.  In fact, some of the celebrations after students scored touchdowns were so loud that other students from the school wanted to play.

The Airmen had a great time,too. USAF Captain James Knauss said, “It seems like students are having a lot of fun. It’s not the easiest game to learn, but they nailed it from the get-go. Well done!”

Both students and PE teachers agreed that American football should be played more often, and invited the airmen back to the school to the play with them, instead of coaching them.

The 74th Thunder will remain in Estonian until January. They are here on a training deployment in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.