U.S. Airmen Visit Tallinn Children’s Hospital

Photo: U.S. EmbassyA small group of U.S. Air Force Airmen spent part of the day visiting kids at Tallinn’s Children Hospital on Wednesday.

The five Airmen, who are in Estonia with the 74th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron (EFS), talked to kids about their jobs which covered everything from prepping pilots about the type of weather to expect to loading munitions onto the A-10 planes and showed them pictures of their work. The kids, hospital staff and parents also had plenty of questions for visiting group, such as how many women serve in the U.S. Air Force or the images painted onto the planes.

USAF Technical Sergeant Nathaniel Robinson, who organized the group’s visit to the hospital, said they had a lot of fun. “Just seeing the kids so curious and asking a lot of question, they genuinely want to know what we do,” he said.

Photo: U.S. EmbassyAfter talking with kids in the playroom, the Airmen also visited kids in the oncology ward where they passed out some gifts and played a little catch with some of the younger patients.

Tallinn Children’s Hospital’s Tiina Eier was grateful for the visit. “The staff and the kids were very excited to get to know the pilots and the Airmen who work with such planes,” she said.

The 74th EFS has been in Estonia for the past few months training as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. They are based out of Moody Air Force Base in Georgia.